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Couvre Feu, Nantes, France | Fri Aug 24th 2012

Scratchy will play Couvre Feu
On the night of Friday Aug 24th.

Zsolnay Festival, Pecs, Hungary | Fri Apr 27th 2012

Scratchy plays the first Zsolnay Festival,
in the Zsolnay Quarter of Pecs
Midnight after Boban Markovic and Fanfara Complexa.

Asagiri Jam, Mt.Fuji, Japan | Sun Oct 9th 2011

Asagiri Jam
It’s A Beautiful Day
Mt.Fuji, Japan
Sun Oct 9th 2011

Ulsan World Music Festival, Korea | Fri & Sat Oct 7th-8th 2011

Ulsan World Music Festival
Fri & Sat Oct 7th-8th 2011

Trutnov, Czech Republic | Fri & Sat 19th & 20th Aug 2011

Back for a fourth successive year
Scratchy returns again to Trutnov
to DJ on Friday and Saturday nights.

This year’s main headliners are Iggy & The Stooges

Fri-Sat Aug 19th-20th 2011

Wilderness Festival, Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire | Sat Aug 13th 2011 (All Day)

Scratchy will be Main Stage DJ
for the Wilderness Festival
on Saturday Aug 13th,
linking such bands as
Gogol Bordello,
Toots and the Maytals
and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

Wilderness Festival
Cornbury Park
Sat Aug 13th

Roma Stage, Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary | Thurs Aug 11th 2011

As the first DJ to play the Roma Stage
Scratchy returns to join in the celebrations
of 10 years of the Roma Stage at Sziget.

Sziget Festival

World Village Festival, Helsinki, Finland | Sun May 29th 2011

Scratchy plays the closing party
of this year’s World Village Festival
at a special Balkan Fever night
along with Las Balkanieras & Shava

Virgin Oil Co.
Sun May 29th

World Day Festival in Tallinn, Estonia | Sat May 28th

World Day Festival in Tallinn

After linking the bands which include
Svjata Vatra & Baba Zula
on the festival stage during the day,
a full set from Scratchy follows at night.

WOMEX 10, Copenhagen | Fri Oct 29th 2010

Scratchy showcases at WOMEX 10