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Rock ‘n Spartacus, Anfiteatro di Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy | Sat July 5th 2014


The Rock ‘n Spartacus happening of July 5 celebrates the first year since opening up the space of the ancient Roman ampitheatre, second in size only to the Colosseum. The night musically celebrates all the gladiators in the world who fight constantly to assert their rights and who believe in their ideas.


Les Feux De Saint-Jean, Saint-Jean-De-Monts, France | Sat June 21st 2014

Bonfires of Saint-Jean Festival Saint-Jean-De-Monts Pays de la Loire France

Sat June 21st 2014

The Clash Day, La Citrouille, St Brieuc, France | Sat Feb 1st 2014

The Clash Day with Film, Readings, Expo and Music

In concert Last Band In Town DJ Scratchy

La Citrouille Saint Brieuc France

Sat Feb 1st 2014

Les Virevoltes, Vire, France | Sat July 6th 2013

Les Virevoltes Vire France

Sat July 6th 2013

Kriol Jazz Festival, Cabo Verde | Sat April 13th 2013

Scratchy takes his first trip to Cape Verde to appear at the fifth Kriol Jazz Festival

Porto Musical, Recife, Brazil | Sat Feb 2nd 2013

Scratchy heads for South America

This will be the first time that Scratchy visits the southern half of the Americas. Brazil is the destination and Porto Musical in Recife is the occasion.

On Sat Feb 2nd, Scratchy will deliver a conference talk When Worlds Collide at 16:00. Then he will hit the stage at [...]

Strummer Of Love, Somerset | Sun Aug 19th 2012

Straight after Gypsy Hotel, Scratchy will head down to Somerset for the Strummer Of Love Festival to link the bands on the main stage for the final Sunday evening, leading up to Justine Tonight Band closing set.

Sun Aug 19th 2012

Couvre Feu, Nantes, France | Fri Aug 24th 2012

Scratchy will play Couvre Feu On the night of Friday Aug 24th.

Zsolnay Festival, Pecs, Hungary | Fri Apr 27th 2012

Scratchy plays the first Zsolnay Festival, in the Zsolnay Quarter of Pecs Midnight after Boban Markovic and Fanfara Complexa.

Asagiri Jam, Mt.Fuji, Japan | Sun Oct 9th 2011

Asagiri Jam It’s A Beautiful Day Mt.Fuji, Japan Sun Oct 9th 2011